Below, you will find supplementary materials for my published articles, which include appendices containing additional information, as well as data and code to replicate the presented findings. Reproduction materials for my more recent articles are typically accessible via Harvard Dataverse. If you cannot find the information you are seeking, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Learning the Brexit Lesson? Shifting Support for Direct Democracy in Germany in the Aftermath of the Brexit Referendum

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Left Behind and United by Populism? Populism’s Multiple Roots in Feelings of Lacking Societal Recognition

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Trade Shocks and the Nationalist Backlash in Political Attitudes: Panel Data Evidence from Great Britain

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Die wahrgenommene Entwicklung der sozialen Gerechtigkeit und Wahlentscheidungen bei der Bundestagswahl 2017

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Vote Choices of Left-Authoritarians: Misperceived Congruence and Issue Salience

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The Globalisation Divide in the Public Mind: Belief Systems on Globalisation and their Electoral Consequences

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The Consequences of Supply Gaps in Two-Dimensional Policy Spaces for Voter Turnout and Political Support: The Case of Economically Left-Wing and Culturally Right-Wing Citizens in Western Europe

online-appendix and Stata do-files (zip folder)


Party Institutionalization and Intra-Party Preference Homogeneity

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Links-autoritäre Bürger bei der Bundestagswahl 2013: Sozialstrukturelle Determinanten und Konsequenzen eines Repräsentationsdefizits für Regimeunterstützung und Wahlbeteiligung

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Intra-Party Heterogeneity in Policy Preferences and Its Effect on Issue Salience: Developing and Applying a Measure Based on Elite Survey Data

online-appendix (PDF), Stata do-files (zip folder)


Populistische Demokratiekonzeptionen und die Wahl der AfD: Evidenz aus einer Panelstudie

online-appendix and Stata do-file (zip folder)

Attitudes Towards the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership in the European Union: The Treaty Partner Heuristic and Issue Attention

online-appendix (PDF), Stata do-files (zip folder)


Where Democrats Disagree: Citizens’ Normative Conceptions of Democracy

online-appendix and Stata do-file (zip folder)


Comparing Freedom House democracy scores to alternative indices and testing for political bias: Are US allies rated as more democratic by Freedom House?

online-appendix, Stata data set and do-file (zip folder)

Economic Globalisation, the Perceived Room to Manoeuvre of National Governments, and Electoral Participation: Evidence from the 2001 British General Election

online-appendix and Stata do-file (zip folder)


Eurokrise, Economic Voting und der Erfolg der Union bei der Bundestagswahl 2013: Positions- und performanzbasierte Sachfragenorientierungen als Determinanten der Wahlentscheidung

online-appendix (PDF)


Economic Integration, Party Polarization and Electoral Turnout

online-appendix, Stata data set and do-file (zip folder)

Wirtschaft und Wahlverhalten in Westdeutschland zwischen 1977 und 2007: Wer sind die ökonomischen Wähler?

online-appendix (PDF)


Economic Globalization and Voter Turnout in Established Democracies

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